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Top 10 Online Dating Service Apps for Windows Phone


Finding a perfect match was never an easy task but the advent of the Internet has definitely made this is a little easier. Windows phone and dating apps are now allowing people to look for their partner without much trouble. Here is a list of Top 10 Online Dating Service Apps for Windows Phone.

Online Dating Service Apps

Cupid Dating

It is a free online dating app that helps the single men and women look for love and find their partners. The app boasts of more than 5 million registered users. You can use this app to view photos of thousands of women and men. The users can also receive messages from those who write to you. You can use this app to create a free profile too. The USP of this app is its location-based search.


OkCupid is rated by many as the best dating app developed so far. The app worth USD 0.99 beings all the great features of OkCupid.com on your Windows Phone. You can use this app to meet new people and chat with them too. OkCupid also allows users to broadcast their date suggestions. The app’s powerful matching algorithms are quite useful.

Online Dating: The Video Guide

This app is useful those who want to learn how to navigate in online dating world. The app teaches this art in eight chapters and videos. You will be guided through the online dating process from profile set-up to post-date strategy. Initially, the users are given an online dating overview so that they can understand the lay of the land. Then the users are allowed to choose the right dating site as per their needs and choice.

Coffee Meets Bagel

The main focus of this app is that it aims for quality and not quantity. The app brings a single “bagel” to the user every day. The bagel is actually a curated match that shares mutual Facebook friends. You will have to decide within 24 hours whether to like or to pass. The app has also got a feature which helps you view your mutual friends and you can unlock this feature by purchasing a virtual currency called “beans”.


PlentyOfFish is the largest online dating site in the world as it has more than 32 million registered users. The app is free.


Badoo is a free app which allows men and women to meet new people. The app is perfect for chatting, making new friends, and dating. The app is quite user-friendly.


It is a free app which was released recently and is slowly gaining popularity. The application is useful for those who are looking for some online tips for dating.

eHarmony Express

This free app is a trusted online dating site for single men and women. The app helps users get in touch with compatible single matches.


Are you in the search for the ideal first date then you must How About We dating app. The app is different from other apps because it allows you describe the kind of date you want. You have the option to check out other date ideas, profiles, and messages of other users.


It is a popular dating app which is free and allows users to set up online profiles. All you need to do is upload a few pictures of yourself and then you can do some online flirting and find a match too.

Top 10 Flashlight Torch Apps for Windows Phone


There was a time when battery-operated flashlights were quite common across the world, but the introduction of flashlight cameras in smartphones has decreased the demand of battery-operated flashlights to a significant extent. These days there are several apps which allows us to use the flash of smartphone’s camera as a flashlight. Here is the list of Top 10 Flashlight Torch Apps for Windows Phone.

Flashlight Torch Apps

Best Flashlight Torch Apps for Windows Phone


This free app is the most popular flashlight app for Windows phone. The app offers an LED light, battery meter, and a compass. It has got an S.O.S mode too. You can use the button of the camera to turn on/off the flashlight. The app also shows battery percentage.


This free app for Windows phone is the brightest app that remains on constantly using the camera of the phone. It has got compass feature and SOS mode for an emergency. The app also displays the status of the battery. The app also runs when the screen is locked.

Flashlight XT

It is an LED flashlight free from ads. This free app for Windows phone is user-friendly and has got an elegant design. The app runs well under the lock screen. Flashlight XT lacks the ability to retrieve your personal data and access your microphone.
Free Light. This flashlight has got a pretty basic design, but it launches quickly. It provides light even when the screen is locked.

Color Flashlight

This free app is a useful application for your phone. Color Flashlight is popular across the world because of its simple design, It has unique screen colour selection flashing modes.

Brightest Flashlight

This free flashlight app was recently included in the Windows store and it is getting popular at a quick pace because it delivers brightest flashlights in multiple colours. The app also works in locked screen.

Torch Pro

Torch Pro is a free flashlight app which works well with the lock screen. No data connection is required to use this app. It has also got battery usage optimization feature.

FloodLight XL

Regarded by many as one of the best flashlight apps for the Windows phone, FloodLight XL is, without a doubt, fast and bright. It turns out the light as soon as you start the app. You can just use the button of the camera to turn on/off the light. The app is free.

Flashlight-X Pro

Flashlight-X Pro is worth USD 1.99 and it is fast becoming the most popular LED flashlight app for Windows phone. The app is equipped with an LED light, battery meter, a compass and an S.O.S mode. This flashlight also uses the LED flash of the camera. It runs perfectly under the screen lock. Just use the camera button to turn this app on/off. The app also shows the battery percentage.

Flashlight 7 Pro

This app is a little different from all other apps mentioned above because of it the only flashlight with LED that doesn’t flicker. The app comes with support for LED strobe and LED SOS. The features of this app include nonflickering LED support, disco, SOS, police siren, mood light, kaleidoscope, hypnosis and many other options. You can adjust brightness too.