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How to Change the Android Ringtone


There are times when we want to use our custom hand-made ringtone for our smartphone. Apple users certainly lag behind in this department, but Android users certainly can perform well by being able to download their custom ringtones right on their mobile devices. On Android devices, this process is as easy as it sounds.

Samsung’s Android devices have a large list of default ringtones and notification tones. You can choose any one out of them according to your taste. But those inbuilt by default myxer free ringtones are not that melodious to hear.

How to Change the Android Ringtone

How to Change the Android Ringtone

Now if you want to change or apply a new ringtone, you’ll just have to do certain things that are defined below. These steps would work on any of the android devices without any problem. You will not need to root a device for it either.

The procedures may be different from various different versions of the android OS. The .mp3 files that you want to use must be on your phone already. There are also certain apps available to create ringtones as well. You can either create ringtones from those apps or you can copy the myxer free ringtones app from a PC or you can receive them from your friends.

Here are the steps to change via settings–

  1. Copy the .mp3 files to your phone. The default music player app can allow you to view all the music that you have on your device.
  2. Head over to the settings -> Sound -> Device Ringtone. Here, you can have a look over all the ringtones that are available by default in the device.
  3. Tap the Add button to open file manager app. In file manager app, find your suitable media, audio file and then select music player from the pop-up box.
  4. Now, you’ll see a full list of all the music that you have on your device.
  5. You can repeat all the above process to add other custom ringtones to the ringtone menu as well.

Here are the steps to set a custom ringtone from the music player app itself –

  1. Select and Play the desired file directly from the music player app.
  2. While the audio file is now playing, tap the menu on the right-hand top corner and then select options.
  3. Select Set and now choose whether you want to set this as ringtone, caller tune or the alarm tune.

Here are the steps to change Ringtones for specific contacts –

  1. Open the contacts app and head over to a contact page that you want to set a ringtone with.
  2. Tap Options and now select the ringtones section.
  3. Now a dialogue box will appear, from here select the ringtone that you want to set for this contact.
  4. There will be three folders that include ringtones –
  1. Default Ringtones
  2. Custom Ringtones
  3. Custom Files
  1. Now go to Custom Files and then select your favourite mp3.
  2. Now tap Done.

Using these methods, you can set and change ringtones for any android device.

Top Torrent Sites of 2017


People these days opt to watch movies in the comfort of their home, not only because it’s hassle-free, but because you can just sit back and relax in your bed without paying for a movie ticket. There are lots of websites where you can watch online but for those who love to collect movies; torrents sites are available where you can download everything for free. Isn’t cool it? Thanks to the advanced technology where everything is almost possible and just a click away.


Torrents sites are now increasingly popular as users are permitted to download free movies, music, games, videos, software and basically everything in the form of torrents and the best part of it is it’s FREE!

What’s good about downloading movies online is the luxury of being able to watch it over and over again. If you missed a part or you didn’t hear the dialogues clearly, you can always go back to that part of the movie. Or if you got a phone call while watching, you can press stop and play it afterward.

However, because torrent sites have a wide range of listings to choose from, scam links cannot be avoided. Advertisers who claim to have “High Speed Downloads” and the likes tend to be a complete scam. They promise to have unique content along with the download that only you can access if you choose to download it from them. But the truth is, they don’t.

Now that you know some benefits of downloading movies online, I can now tell you WHERE you can download torrents from my top 10 favorite websites.

Here’s the list of torrent sites:

Torrent Alert!!! Even though these sites have authorized content that could be legally distributed, it still contains a heap of copyrighted materials that couldn’t be lawfully disseminated. Although sharing torrent files is allowed, if the distribution of the content is not authorized, it is strictly prohibited. Downloading copyrighted materials is a serious crime that could lead authorities to perform civil and/or criminal legal actions. Penalties may include a large amount of money. So be careful!

But as of now, enjoy the goodness of watching your downloaded movies. Sit back, relax and enjoy!